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Parents are to provide transportation to and from school for students. Students are to be dropped off and picked up at the front of the building. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Principal. If an exception is made, the following policy must be followed. 

If a student needs to be picked-up before the dismissal time of 3p.m., they will only be released to a parent or guardian listed on their application. If that parent or guardian is unable to come to the campus to pick-up the student, the child will only be released to another adult over the age of 18 with a letter from the parent or guardian giving permission to do so. 

GO’s that would like to drive to school  must possess a Tennessee driver’s license and proof of at least 6 months of insurance coverage. Parking will be permitted only in the designated area. A parking permit is to be purchased through the office for a fee of $25.00 and is good only for the time the student is attending GOAL Academy. The parking permit must be surrendered when the student withdraws from GOAL Academy. Parking fines will be assessed for parking violations; parking incorrectly, parking outside of designated area, parking in handicapped space without proper permit, reckless or dangerous operation of a vehicle on campus, etc. Parking permits must be visible in the window of the vehicle at all times while on campus. 

Parking fines: 

1st offense: $5.00 with warning 

2nd offense: $10.00 with parent contact 

3rd offense: $15.00 with parent contact and revocation of parking privilege 

Upon arrival, students are to exit the vehicle and report directly to the building.  The parking lot is accessible only before and after school for the sole purpose of arriving or leaving. All other visits to the parking lot require office permission.

 ****Students that are remanded to GOAL Academy for discipline offenses will not be allowed to drive on campus without prior approval from the Principal**** 

Relative to the transportation of students, Bradley County Schools has enacted the following procedures for reporting unsafe driving by any Bradley County Schools Bus Driver. Incidents may 

be reported to the Bradley County Schools Transportation Department by completing the Complaint Form that is posted on our website under Departments> Transportation. After completing the form, you may either drop it by the Bradley County Schools Central Office, email it to [email protected], or phone 423-641-1664. The Central Office is located at 800 South Lee Highway, Cleveland, TN 37311